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Child care

Child care is available to children over the age of 3 during all competitions. Children should be nappy free. Child care provides for a tent, toys, games and instructors. Please enter your need for child care at: info@wmoc2016.ee



The weather in Estonia is largely dictated by its closeness to the Baltic sea. The average temperature in Estonia in August is 16.5 °C and generally the temperature is between 11 to 22 °C. The average rainfall in August is 76mm and the sea temperature is 17°C.


The official language is Estonian. Russian, Finnish and English are also widely spoken. However, picking up some Estonian phrases make a good impression on the locals, so here are some basic ones:
Tere – Hello!
Head aega – Good bye!
Tsau – informal and a very common way between friends and acquaintances to say both Hi and Bye
Aitäh! / Tänan! – thank you!
Palun – please
Jah – yes
Ei – no
Sul on ilusad silmad – you have a beautiful eyes
Ma armastan Sind – I love you
Ilusat päeva! – Have a nice day!


Just as with Estonian culture, the local taste has been infused with the best of our neighbouring countries. Here you’ll find traces of Scandinavian, Russian and German kitchens, not to mention other mainstream international influences such as the French nouvelle cuisine.

  • Beer brewing tradition in today’s Estonia is very much alive and kicking. Beer in Tallinn Old Town typically costs €2.50 to €5.50 (0,5l).
  • Pizza is usually between €5 to €10.
  • Steak meals cost around €8 to €15.


The currency in Estonia is the Euro (1 euro = 100 cents).
Most of the hotels, stores and restaurants accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, Diner’s Club and American Express. However, it is advisable to carry some cash with you. Currency exchange is available at all transport terminals, exchange bureaus on major streets, the post office and inside all banks and major hotels.


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