Estonia is a small yet diverse country with a surprisingly rich selection of landscapes and culture that make it an ideal holiday destination. The event centre is located in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. Tallinn combines the comforts of the modern world, versatile nightlife and luxurious adventure with a rich cultural scene in the local historical setting.

Event Centre

Song Festival Ground

First days (05.08.2016-06.08.2016) Event Centre will be at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Lauluväljak – the home of Estonian Song Festivals which is also known as “the cradle of Singing Revolution”. The Song Festival Grounds are located very close to the city centre of Tallinn and within walking distance from the Sprint qualification race.  Opening ceremony will take place August 6 at the Song Festival Grounds.

Address is Narva mnt. 95
Event Centre coordinates:  59.44445, 24.80732

From 07.08.2016 to 14.08.2016 Event Office will be at Oru Hotel (400 m from Song Festival Grounds). Also press and media will be located there.

Address is Narva mnt. 120
Event Centre coordinates: 59.443, 24.80459

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The Sprint distance competition consists of one qualification race and a final race. The Long distance competition consists of two qualification races and a final race. Qualifiers for each final will be determined in accordance with IOF Competition Rules.

Winning times are according to IOF Competition Rules:

Class Sprint Q and  Final winning time (min) Long Q winning time (min) Long Final winning time (min) Class Sprint Q and  Final winning time (min) Long Q winning time (min) Long Final winning time (min) Born
M35 12-15 60 70 W35 12-15 45 55 -1981
M40 12-15 55 65 W40 12-15 40 50 -1976
M45 12-15 50 60 W45 12-15 35 45 -1971
M50 12-15 45 55 W50 12-15 35 45 -1966
M55 12-15 40 50 W55 12-15 35 45 -1961
M60 12-15 40 50 W60 12-15 35 45 -1956
M65 12-15 40 50 W65 12-15 35 45 -1951
M70 12-15 40 50 W70 12-15 35 45 -1946
M75 12-15 40 50 W75 12-15 35 45 -1941
M80 12-15 40 50 W80 12-15 35 45 -1936
M85 12-15 40 50 W85 12-15 35 45 -1931
M90 12-15 40 50 W90 12-15 35 45 -1926
M95 12-15 40 50 W95 12-15 35 45 -1921

Punching System

The SPORTIdent punching system will be used. SI-cards can be rented from the organisers by choosing this option in the entry form. Renting fee for the entire week is €15 if booked in advance.
Without pre-registration the renting fee is €5 for one day or €20 for the entire week.


Nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and any third-country national holding a residence permit of a Schengen State do not need a visa to enter Estonia. The required travel document for entry is a national ID card or passport.

Visas are required for citizens of some countries including Russia, Belarus and South Africa.
A list of countries, whose citizens need a visa to enter The Republic of Estonia, can be found on the web site of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Travellers do not need a visa invitation from organisers with the exception of Ukrainian citizens. Travellers need to visit Estonian Embassy, the following documents shall be submitted upon application for visa:

  • a valid travel document
  • a filled in and signed application form.
  • photo (size 35x45mm);
  • insurance policy
  • supporting documents

The organisers will help if you have questions, contact:


Each competitor participates in the event at his/her own risk.


MTÜ Spordiklubi 100   Sõpruse pst 198-52, 13423 Tallinn, Estonia
Swedbank (Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia)   IBAN: EE112200221047956653   SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X